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Miracle grow and Coco?
... Homer a crankie basterd! LoL!! I'm going only coco and perlite. It's mg brand perlite that I have. That has "nutrients" added already. I ... Homer a crankie basterd! LoL!! I'm going only coco and perlite. It's mg brand perlite that I have. That has "nutrients" added already. I ...
New Coco Grow In New Room
... Room - Forums I've started this thread to show my coco/perlite medical grow, located in the Bay Area, CA, USA. Power: (2) 1000w Phantoms ... Water, Soil & Nutrients: 200gdp RO Hanna HI9813-6 Botanicare Coco mixed with Perlite. Roots Pots(air root prunning) House and Garden Cocos A & B House ...
Mycorrhizae and liquid nutes feeding issue
... - Forums hi all, id like to add mycorrhizae to my coco/perlite feeding schedule. im starting my germed seeds in 3 gallon smart pots. ive ... . I thought the mycorrhizae need somethin to feed on? So since coco and perlite have no nutes then the bacteria won't grow. I think I remember ...
lucas formula concentration
... next grow and at this point I'm leaning towards using a coco/perlite medium and feeding flora series(micro and bloom) with perhaps a touch of ...
First Grow: Bagseed so far (Purple No. 1 to come), CFL, LST, cocoponics, Lucas
... Saturday, the 23rd. One sprouted on the 24th and was put in coco/perlite on the 25th. An order of Purple No. 1 should be coming in ...
150 watt Hempy/Lucas/LST
... .com Forums show some love to the 150 watters!! I simply used 100% perlite hempy bucket, fed with lucas formula up until 7 days ago.(been flushing ...
ekomsi 6000W Ebb n Grow (first ever grow)
... , soybean meal, humic acid, and many more. Already blended with correct proportions of perlite and pumice for excellent drainage and a vigorous root system, Does any of these mixes need extra perlite? Or any thing else for that matter added, before transplanting? Arnold What do ...
Poison Dwarf & Lowryder II-grow for seed
... : Lowryder II, G-13 poison dwarf Seedbank : Attitude Soil : Sunshine mix #1 Admendments : perlite, ewc, guano, kelp, Myco's Container : 1-3 gal Lights : T-8x8@30 ... . right now, or wait till the plants actually need water again? i added perlite on top of the SM#1, so it has decent water movement thru ...
Growing for a mother: 2nd soil grow
... 1/2 gallon containers. The soil is a local organic blend mixed with perlite. The lighting is a 4 foot fluorescent bar with two 40w T-8s ... (hopefully) mother, P2, I am using a locally blended soil mix; about 50% Perlite, 25% mushroom compost, and 25% Peat, in a 5 gallon planter. P4 is ...
She smelled like Vanilla_____400W/Tent/Soil/Barney's VK
... 's Vanilla Kush, 400W MH/HPS. Epsoma soil, Coast of Maine soil, extra perlite, and I am adding Fox Farm's Ocean Forest to my mix for ...

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