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PH Keeps climbing in my bubble bucket
... bucket, give it a few minutes to mix and then check ppm's/ph and adjust accordingly. *Keep in mind that you need to know the ph/ppm ...
Starting my bubble bucket
... bubble bucket - Forums Building a 5gal bubble bucket ... ppm will be. I check my ph and ppm every morning and ...
Bubble bucket growing guide
... and all the buckets are kept at the same ph and ppm ...
Budslingers Recirculating bubble Buckets
... bubble Buckets - Forums High All, Bubble buckets ...
DWC Bubble Buckets AK-48 from Nirvana Amazing!
... bubble bucket growers out their, I adhere to a pretty strict watering schedule. The first day after they get new nutes they get just PH adjusted water. The second day ...
Bubble Bucket help please trying to set up 5-6 interconnected
... bubble bucket system 5-6 plants and am wondering if you guys have figured out a way to interconnect the buckets and ...
Lets Build a Bubble Bucket *Step by Step*
... ph and add water back you pump water out of the drain and right back into the top of the bucket? and in the lucas formula he says 24/0 for veg ...
Bubble bucket hydro method 101
... and a bubba kush all in 2gal. bubble bucket that are getting ready for some veg.. I have them under 6 cfl's and ...
Bubble Buckets Water Changes
... bucket...WOW WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I just washed and washed and washed the roots prior to getting them over to the bubble buckets! They are getting seriously huge by the day ...
Rumpleforeskin's Bubble Bucket FAQ
... Bubble Bucket. This will show you how to build it: When you change your water and/or check your ppm, and ...

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