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party cup grow
... some keep all leaves and some not. She looks healthy tho. Might be a good idea to give some bloom nutes to get the phosphorus and potassium levels higher. She ...
1st Grow Outdoors
... how much of each nutrient there is in the fertilizer (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium). You want more N and K during vegging, then when they start to flower you want ...
2 Questions on my first outdoor grow.
... water retention, and aeration. The manure will provide plenty of nitrogen and many trace minerals so your main focus for fertilizer should be on phosphorus and potassium. I ...
A List Of Plant Problems And Solutions.
... and see if that helps clear up the problem. Cannabis plants love phosphorus, and therefore it is unlikely that you will give your cannabis too much phosphorus. Potassium ...
whats the problemmmm??pics
... Phosphorus deficiency. There may be a little Potassium deficiency in there as well. Okay well which one is it nute burrn or phosphorus and potassium And ...
Phosphorus Def. And Small Yield!!
Phosphorus Def. And Small Yield!! - Forums Hello all. My plants have a phosphorus ... , P=phosphor and K= potassium. Buy the one with the highest P and give to ...
maggie... my first baby
... below. And phosphorus is found in almost EVERY fert, it is the P in NPK. This link might be of help: NPK Basic Fertiliser Components - Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium or ...
Posssible Ferts?
... soluble in soils with a pH balance of between six and seven and a half. Continued use of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium will lower the pH of the soil, this can ...
How i got started and you could too
... was high in nitrogen and i knew from reading up that in the vegging phase i needed a higher Nitrogen or (N) and lower Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) (also known ...
Roots Question.
... in nitrogen with lower amounts of phosphorus and potassium as well as trace nutrients. For flower I would recommend something higher in K and a bit lower in P... for ...

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