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phototron 3000 sx
phototron 3000 sx Well here I go again.I just got this paid ten bucks ... acdc.jpg‎ (86.6 KB, 36 views) phototrons are fine, most peoples problem with them was the ...
My First Grow, start to finish.
... O.k My uncle bought this grow box back in Sep. Its the Phototron 3000. He doesnt know much about growing cannabis but he did grow a few ...
Super Lemon Haze in a Phototron
... taken it. I use an old Phototron 3000 circa 1978 for my mothers. why pass up a free dope growing unit ????????????????? My phototron has 36,000 lumens.. its pretty ...
First Grow Phototron question
First Grow Phototron question I have DNA genetic's sour cream and LA woman seedlings in ... light that I plan on using for them. My old man has a Phototron 3000 sx without working lights. I was thinking about putting my plants in there ...
hope i didnt make a $3000 mistake! plz help - Stoner Forums
hope i didnt make a $3000 mistake! plz help - Page 4 - Stoner Forums Phototron's have been around for 20 years or so with many upgrades along ... veg from day 21-45 then 45 and on 12/12 thats my phototron schedule..wud that also work for my supercloset? well this time around i ...
hope i didnt make a $3000 mistake! plz help - Stoner Forums
... a $3000 mistake! plz help - Page 3 - Stoner Forums dude where i ... a phototron..they hype that you can have up to six in there..who knows tho...u ever seen a phototron? ...
hope i didnt make a $3000 mistake! plz help - Stoner Forums
... a $3000 mistake! plz help - Stoner Forums i just got my Supercloset & ... dumbass here but this is WAYYY different than a tryin to step up my ...
Accidental Garden - newguy
... and spotted clones for sale and bought one. I had an old "Phototron 3000 SX" which I purchased in the 70's sitting in my garage ... I have been bending over as some have reached the top of the Phototron SX 3000. So far very pleased with the progress, Let me know what you ...
Advanced Growers: what was your first plant like?
... come along way since the phototron for me... After the phototron thing, I figured to skip ... to marc emery in BC with about 3000$ to buy seeds...Bubblegum, skunk 1, mongolian ...
Learning Annex
... fluorescent. Side lit systems like the phototron require you to prune to promote branching * ... 15-30 Gardens should receive 1000-3000 lumens per square foot. Successful gardens ...

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