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G13 Labs Pure Gold - Phototron Grow
G13 Labs Pure Gold - Phototron Grow - Page 2 - Forums Yeah man... Busted out the Phototron huh? Good Luck with this one. The Diesel ryders are coming along GREAT!!!!! Thanks for the nice words guys, and ...
Phototron grow box
... bedroom closet. Although i have grown several plants in closets in the past, this is my first attemp at a phototron. So far everything is going great!!! Good fast growth and tight node spacing. The 'tron itself puts out 36000 lumens ... the plants. My question is ,.....What do you think about this setup and does anybody have any experience with the phototron??? Your comments are greatly appreciated!! I realize that for maximum potential mh and hps are the best,...but i have ...
Upgrading from Phototron to a Custom Box *help w/ plans
... a Custom Box *help w/ plans - Forums I used a Phototron for my first experiment growing because I got the Phototron for $150. I want to expand my project and I want to build something. So next time I am ... plant hydroponics setup. The walls of this box are going to be covered by Mylar. If I dont sell my Phototron I am either going to use it to start the veg cycle or take it apart and use the 3 ...
My phototron dwc/low pressure aero hybrid
... with proprietary additions. Any and all comments are welcome. Can we see some pics? HI, I have a phototron and if you are still interested in corresponding, I would like to talk to you about growing in it ...
Super Lemon Haze in a Phototron
... weed? Whats a phototron? omg, a Phototron looks like tinsel you got there in ya plant pot. I bought a Phototron back in the ... shitty welcome its a shame. for those to lazy to google The Amazing phototron By G - Thursday, December 15 1994 Tags: CCM&H flourescents grow Indoor Lights phototron You've heard about it, you've seen it advertised, but is it ...
I need help with phototron#8
I need help with phototron#8 Please, if anyone knows about the lighting schule for a phototron!!!!!! help!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dinafem Fruit auto- in a Phototron VI
... The Fruit auto is a freebie from my last order. Normally I just use the phototron for seedlings. A friend of mines mom lives in Michigan and wants something simple and easy. Shes just iffy on ...
... 's a joke for harvest but might be good for a multi layered clone system........... Yea, I just inherited a phototron myself. I'm only going to be growing a single auto flowering dwarf. I dont see any reason I shouldnt ... ) 100_6959.jpg‎ (58.1 KB, 93 views) 100_6957.jpg‎ (65.2 KB, 85 views) Is the problem w/ phototrons just the lights they use? And if that's the case, I could just rig it to use whatever lights ...
Phototron Growers
Phototron Growers Hi, I am new to this site and would like to correspond with anyone that uses a phototron. I am starting my 2nd grow in one. Thanks Amber
Super Lemon Haze in a Phototron
Super Lemon Haze in a Phototron - Page 26 i would like to buy a phototron from some one but i do not want to pay any where close to the price they charge for them ...

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