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2011 White Widow x AK-47
... its thrips, I thought I had mites but the thrips might of eaten ... of neem oil idk. I just know that it works wonders for him. And when I looked at the bottle, the picture of ...
Week 4 of flower top leaf damage. Never seen before please help
... the leaves but I have never seen a thrip anywhere in a long time used to have ... or two. I've never heard of a bad week in coco Pictures were removed when the tread was ...
Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) pics and info
... of these plants same day and age and same feed cycle and its unharmed. that would be per-lite. I'll post pictures of ...
Lets Build a Bubble Bucket *Step by Step*
... Rumpleforeskin You should have posted some pictures of that stuff. I just tried out a ... me. I am infested with thrips on day 30 of flowering (thrips is a fly that ...
Irish Boy's 2011 Spectra Led Grow (Revenge Of Casey Jones)
... picture below show the effect of ... of salt! Give Me Thrips! One grower we spoke to is now getting consistently better results now that he controls a small population of thrips ...
Self diagnose your plants
... level of moisture down in the soil. You can buy them at most garden supplies or hydro shops. Here is a picture of what over watering looks like: (Picture Provided ...
Growers coffee lounge
... picture of old spice entered my mind you slashing it on the plants lol hope it made the difference..i thought big bud was taken of ... just out of my growroom and thrips seem ...
Sick Plants? Have A Question? Ask Here.
... pictures of the leaves that im taking off daily.... must be 100's now... HELP! Please really take a look at picture ...
Any idea whats going on with my leaves? Nute burn? or just damage from thrips
... or just damage from thrips - Forums ... of the bugs but now i have leaf problems. can't see the leaves close enough to tell, but the last group picture ...
Possuum’s Water-Only Organic Grow
... mass infestation of thrips, catepillars, and whatever else sucks the juice out of an otherwise ... take pictures of random ugly or "walmart people" and make a journal of ...

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