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--== The Barneys Farm LSD chronicles ==--
... imagine you're gonna get a great yield of that lady of your. Congrats brotha ... ` Pineapple Chunk Overall Pineapple Chunk Base Pineapple chunk Colas Pineapple Chunk Porn ...
--== The Barneys Farm LSD chronicles ==--
... for a few days. Big Momma ended up yielding 6 Oz's not including the 7 ... 2 more weeks tops for everyone but Sour Cream. Pineapple Chunk Annie Porn Sour Cream Sicky Colas and ...
--== The Barneys Farm LSD chronicles ==--
... Dude, you are pulling some awesome yield from those beautifully grown plants!! That ... room. Smashy and Sicky White Queen , Pineapple Chunk and Sour Cream. Big Momma , Willow , ...
--== The Barneys Farm LSD chronicles ==--
... ) White Queen 2) Pineapple Chunk 3) Sour Cream 4) LSD I would recommend White Queen to anyone for its strong stone and high yields. Pineapple chunk gets the recommendation for ...
--== The Barneys Farm LSD chronicles ==--
... how much bud Big Momma is going to yield. I'd say 10 ounces is the neighborhood ... a pot brownie ! I had to Tie down pineapple Chunk, It was just getting out of control, I ...
BAGZ 600 watt Chrystal / Big Bang Scrog - Harvested 11/19/10
... ! I noticed you were interested in trying pineapple chunk. I dont know which breeder you would ... like it and neither did he. Just didnt yield good and the smoke wasnt as good ...
1000w HPS Bubblelicious, Norther Light, Jock Horror 12/12
... a screen for sure. I see monster yields from them, have to get the most ... plant just sounds breathtaking... I have some pineapple chunk going... the smell pretty unique to say ...
Unclemick's Grow - Soil - 600W/400W/T5 - Ride along!
... far, I'm not so impressed with the yield of any of the strains that I've grown. (LSD, Pineapple Chunk, Red Cherry Berry, Vanilla Kush) The weed itself ... promised to do! I got up this morning and shook hands with some Pineapple Express. I am starting to dip into the 'less than desirable' stash. I ...
Russy's Interactive Perpetual Grow
... plant they always put out a nice yield do to how they were vegged ... Spicy inhale , Sweet exhale , great overall body high Pineapple Chunk - 8.5/10 - Sweet like candy , very ...
Russy's Interactive Perpetual Grow
... Spicy inhale , Sweet exhale , great overall body high Pineapple Chunk - 8.5/10 - Sweet like candy , very ... and a great yield. Both these plants set records for yield for me , ...

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