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Strange colored Buds
... changing colors, and many of the new pistils are turning to a bright pink as they recede. im pretty ... of somthing called "raspberry", its 3 weeks flowering and the buds are pink/red and the hairs havent receded and turned red yet. real interested flower ...
some outdoor buds
... buds I had growing outdoors in the woods. She smells like kool-aid to me just a tad more bitter and during flower I had some lovely pink ...
Post Pics Of Your Grow/Bud Shot's.
Post Pics Of Your Grow/Bud Shot's. - Page 43 - Forums New pics. Having som fan leaves ... but happy with what I have. Hoping they chunk up some more the pink bud smells real fruity Quote: Originally Posted by bikeca Thanks Got a real late ...
Drying the BUD
... under the box. 3. Hit up the old Pink Floyd CD / MP3 / Tape / Album collection and ... on the undersides of the buds. Cut these smaller bottom bud leaves at their stems. Once ...
A Guide To Flavoring Your Bud Before harvest and after harvest.
... is achieved from a properly cured bud, the idea of occasionally 'flavoring' some ... you can use any sage variation, such as PINK GRAPEFRUIT SAGE, which tastes and smells just ...
Colorful Bud!
... strains like some purple, blue, orange, red bud producing plants? I need help I want to ... seen some people on here that will have pink pistols but i dont know what the strain ...
What 'name' buds have you smoked?
... 'name' buds have you smoked? - Page 15 - Forums Quote: Originally Posted by Plastic Baggie Pink Panther, Jack Herer, Blueberry, Afghani no.1, Big Bud, White ...
What strain do I have? Pink Hairs on top.
... know. I grew some bag seed outdoors a few years back and my buds had pink hairs. It was just some decent mids noting special. No clue what ... Phoggy I grew some bag seed outdoors a few years back and my buds had pink hairs. It was just some decent mids noting special. No clue what ...
Pink Kush?!?
... on stem and size, she will give me an ounce or two of pink buds. I'm so excited! This is why I grow. Well that and it ... sativa dominate I've done that your temp is low at night causing pink hairs.. pure kush from GHS is suppose to be a pinkish color Ohio ...
Female Bud Maturing TOO Fast Please Read!
... from full harvest i think...and its just the one bud who's hairs are starting to turn pink about half way down the hairs... J from VA ... the same thing. the leaves and bud are a dark dark purple and the hairs are a light red to pink im 3 weeks into flower and its ...

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