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flowering: when do pistils stop coming out?
... want to create life to continue a generation so they will always explode pistils. Although later in flowering most, if not all will recede into the bud ... . I have never seen it when a plant will pull back it's pistils, That would bee cool to see. I have let a strain go to ...
nut with pistils? help!!!!!!!!!!
nut with pistils? help!!!!!!!!!! IMG_0146.jpg it a wee bit strange. need ur opinions. pretty sure the fuckin thing turned hermie on me but second opinions help. its the pistil coming off of the nut on the right side of the stalk. mercury ...
Pink Pistils?
... ? I have a plant from bagseed that has pink pistils instead of white. Anyone know what strain this is? umm ...
What are pistils?
... that they look like but what do they do? do they carry thc? pistils are the preflowers for the female plants. They are what will turn into ... all. i know what trichomes are. and yea kaosowner is right that the pistils are there for receiving pollen, what my question is, is do they carry ...
Neem oil turns pistils brown
Neem oil turns pistils brown Neem oil turns the pistils on my plant brown is this bad for the plant?? I dilute it ...
Pistils are brown but the bud is small and premature.
... a spider mite problem,so i used this ecofriendly pesticide and my plants pistils completely fried up,they are all brown as if it was ready for ... should i just call it a loss,? or should I wait for new pistils to form,can this even occur?by the way the pesticide ingredients is ...
Pistils shriveling on a 35 day in plant.
... day in plant. Just looking over my blue dream and it appears that pistils are dying and shriveling. This is way too early in for that to ... what size pot are you using, a plant that is rootbound will cause pistils to die early. I am having this problem right now on one of ...
Pistils are pinkish/red, is this an issue? pic included
... issue? pic included My plant is in flower and started with pinkish red pistils, none of my other plants have it but i actually dont knwo the ... .9 KB, 22 views) as u go further into flower pistils will turn brown,pink, red, etc. i woodnt ...
Pistils in the Veg Room.
... Veg Room. I'm trying to figure out why my plants keep developing pistils in my veg room. My light is on a 24hr cycle and I ...
Orange pistil hairs
... arite ive just completed ma first week of flowering and most my pistils are nice and white...but some of them are turning orange and curling ... fertilizations occur. Any males in the room? When a flower is fertilized the pistils will orange up early. Very true - also check your plant for male flowers ...

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