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Flushing with PH down (battery acid) or plain water ?
... flush or just use plain tap water? My tap has a ph of 7.6 Thanks for your help! Just use plain water ...
Aluminum Foil instead of Mylar?
... instead of Mylar? Hey guys, Pretty much I'm just wondering of aluminum foil would work well enough to use instead of ...
Ready To Start Flushing??
... ever try to submerge the pot complete into plain water for the last 10-14 days? - i started to do that instead of flushing and my bud is tasting better that ...
Flushing with plain water VS flushing with water+Mg « Hydro « OpenGrow
... flushes with plain water in organic grows. Both of ... flushed or not, if it isnt organic, I dont care for it, I have the experience of using both and smoking both, instead of ...
... , I start watering HEAVILY with plain water instead of nutes, but not a formal 3x pot volume flush. If you know you have overfertilized, then by all means give a proper flush ...
Flushing instead of watering between feedings.
Flushing instead of watering between feedings. Waasaaap fellow botanists? I'm wondering if I can water my plants with a flushing solution ( instead of plain ...
Help with Flushing
... plain water. Instead you should add a "weak form of ...
Flushing not necessary
... but in 4th week of flower and keep it up right thru the end. Instead of plain water thru the last two weeks (instead of flushing) it will be the molassess/water combo. Will be ...
Need to Flush If Only Giving Molasses?
... of their growth was actual wrong. Instead of feeding them nuts with every watering...I was giving them just plain water ...
Ph and flushing
... instead of buying ph down.. If it's soil just flush it with tap water and call it a day. If you can drink your tap water ...

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