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... space square pots mean nothing to wasted space, you want your plants ...
MPB vs Vertical SOG...I can't decide for yield... - THCfarmer
... BIG plants spaced apart but not if you choose SOG. vertical lighting works well for these monster plants that are 40" apart becasue it lights the sides of the plants ...
SOG, SCROG and Cabinet grows - THCfarmer
... SOG grows you're looking at one plant per square foot or even one plant per 0.1 square feet. Very short Indica plants can be grown in as little space ... wait. Spacing Lets talk about the spacing between the plant medium and the screen. This space will need to be large enough to allow you room to manipulate your plants during ...
36 plants 18x1000 vert OR 72 plant 18x1000 horizontal ? - THCfarmer
... plant spacing for all systems/lighting configs your considering? Some graph paper can come in handy to help u optimize the space ...
Bakin's 2000watt indoor SOG
... plants that are much smaller so i only have one cola, and do a vertical SoG ... Rock that shit bro. Totally jealous of that space. Hey what's happening Bakin I just came ...
1000w Perpetual SOG - Tent grow!
... space looks like the only thing holding you back, with a good size room, I really bet you could get 2gpw easy. With 7gram per plant ...
P-Rows Mini SOG
... ~ DIY 6 Plant NFT/ ... SOG I once promised... It ain't gunna happen. pop some new ones theyre still seedlings whatd ya loose? Quote: Originally Posted by High as Space ...
Sog bible
... plants and grows, even multiple 1000 watt installations over room-sized grow tables, with 3 foot plants spaced ... ! bump! ScrOG is not SOG. You should probably change ...
How many plants in a 2x2 flood tray..
... space would be to ScrOG if you could (I am only assuming here. Im still a noob.) Im not scroging im going SOG ... Originally Posted by dr big plant hey antonrough.any pics of ...
SOG/ Scrog
... GC Doesnt seem like you have enough space to do SOG. Scrog or LST would be good. ... now my plants are almost completly done growing with 10-20 colas per plant and the ...

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