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just flushed plant....what next
... 2 days before I started feeding again. Don't go by what your planter size is to figure out how much nutes to use. You mix what it ...
how tall can i let my plants grow in this room
... Measure from the light to the top of your planters, devide that by three and you will find ... for your plants to more than double in size when you switch them to flower and they ...
Indoor or outdoor?
... started them next to my window in planters and later moved them outside when ... . I have a medium-sized fan and some fluorescent tube ...
... some beautiful plants, but they will be lacking size and taste. You will need to add some ... Now back to Q. leave MG in planter. I would put planter on a heat pad on low. give ...
09 outdoor hempy grow
... yard and this is about yield not plant size. the one on the right is ... the case in 99% of outdoor grows. Fences, planter boxes, scheduled watering, etc are the exception, not ...
5 gallon buckets and 5 gallon pots diffrent?
... for you. Are 5 gallon buckets the same size as 5 gallon nursery pots as the buckets ... , I recall, are a bit deeper than 5 gallon planters. I might be wrong, or they might just ...
I'm on a tight budget this year.
... season. White Widow and Master Mind. I will be using 3ft. x 3ft. planter boxes. I plant to each box. I am on a tight budget. So ... . Each bail can fill up to 3 holes, or 3-5 planters, depending on the size, I wouldn't try to spread it out much more. You can ...
... will be doing autoflowers next year, ordered seeds a few days ago. What size planter should I put them in? 2 gallon be enough? I also heard you ... Alright and should I start the autoflowers in a smaller planter, then transplant to final planter? Or should I just start them in there final pot ...
NEW cfl grow
... there from clone. If this is possible what size buckets should I use? I dont have ... the other two into another planter like the one big one now. Te planters are 8", about ...
is it better 2 have a wide pot or is it better 2 b even in height or width
... bout is the pot size right now if i use say the trays u get for like three planters wut most ppl call a planter there wide but short ...

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