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how many plants in a 3x2 planter ebb and flow
... planter ebb and flow i have a 3x2 planter that about 8 inches deep .. can ... wanna do 4 trays of this 3x2 size .... do you think the light will be sufficient ...
Yield Vs. Planter Pot Size??
Yield Vs. Planter Pot Size?? What are some rules to follow with planter pot size during veg. and flowering to get the best yield??? I forgot some of ...
PC-Planter Stealth Grow Box, Good Or Not Good, Details In Thread - Stoner Forums
... Not Good, Details In Thread - Stoner Forums PC Planter if you could go to that link and tell ... a rip off to me. Given it's size it would be very difficult to keep plants small ...
planter box buddha - The Garden's Cure
... buddha - The Garden's Cure i am using a planter box to grow my main plant in i have 3 total but the ... long and 6 1/2 in deep planter box in my closet the question i have is: is this sufficient size to flower my plant and what is ...
pot sizes and transplanting time - The Garden's Cure
... size of the pots and when you transplant greatly affect the size of the roots and ultimatly the size ... place their plants in as big a planter they can and as soon as possible ...
What size pots to use? - The Garden's Cure
What size pots to use? - Page 2 - The Garden's Cure You could build a sectioned planter out of weather proof lumber like cedar or redwood or that ... and fit 15 in the same space I had 12 3 gal. round planters. 6.5 gallons in a cubic foot? That just dont sound right. My ...
Big above-ground planters - THCfarmer
... pile. The goal is a california legal medical grow with 24 of these planters. The plants are in large pots right now getting ready to transplant, the ... smaller to mid sized plants. The design is inspired by a grow that tom hill did like 6 years ago and posted on overgrow. The planters were larger ...
Big above-ground planters - THCfarmer
... the garden. This was one that Tom Hill grew in his fabled jacuzzi-sized planters because it stretches for the sun and sets a lot of buds on ... Hill is back online and just put up some pictures of his massive planters with 10 pound plants. You guys should go see where I got my ...
largest container size for indoor?
... indoor? [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums What is the biggest size container you can use that wont cause some kinda funk or rot around ... 90 gallon storage containers as planters quite successfully. As long as your mix is light you really don't have a limit on planter size. On very deep/long ...
pot size
... pot size are best to flower them under? i have a 4.5 x 4.5 space with a 1000 watt hps. what is ideal pot/planter size for ... 16 un-topped Diesels, or 9 topped/trained. Oh, that's *final* pot size. I start in Solo cups, transplant after a leaf set or two into ...

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