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Night feeding?!?!
Night feeding?!?! Just wondering if you can feed your plants molasses at night? Can you feed your plants nutes at night ...
plants droop after light goes off. Why?
... night after the lights go off the plants droop they are lonely??? Plants ...
Drooping leaves in the night time.
... temps at night causing the wilt? I have the same thing. Hey dude cloudflyer adressed this issue a few posts up lol. Leaves droop at night. Plants ...
plants leaves drooping at night
plants leaves drooping at night just wondering for the first time in 3 n half weeks i checked ...
Why my leaves droop during night? - The Garden's Cure
... have a little plant about 2.5" tall growing outside my house. I was just curious my the leaves on my plant droop down during the night, but when the sun comes out they perk right back up. Can anyone tell me why it does that? It's b/c at night ...
seedlings drooping over night ... any advice ?
seedlings drooping over night ... any advice ? ive got 3 seedlings in a closet and in the dark periods the little leaves are drooping. When i turn the light on ... you sleep with the lights on? No? Neither do plants... get what i'm saying now? They droop at night because they are sleeping....that's it. I simply don ...
My Plant died over night please help!
... is. (it is vague at first but the best manner to water a plant is to get accustomed ... when the plant had already been dry for a week, and then one night it just drooped, i got ...
Plants Drooping after 14 Hours of Light
... the plants leaves droop big time. i have tried feeding plants from twice a day to 5 times a day but still the leaves droop at exactly the same time every night ...
Drooping leaves in the night time.
... . Leaves droop at night. Plants are extremely efficient. Why waste energy reaching for light that is not there? Light should be 18 hours on 6 off while the plant is growing ...
Water bubbles on tops of my leafs ..... PICTURES
... posted earlier asking why my leafs were drooping. That is a non issue. Im a rookie and didnt know the leafs drooped at night. The leafs popped right back up when the lights came on, but I still dont know what these water drops are on the top of my plant ...

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