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My LED UFO grow
... poke holes in the hose at the top and cap the end which will resulting in the hose building pressure causing water to spray out the small holes ...
Northern Lights / Scrog / CFL & HPS / Soil Grow
... holes on the side of the box, with a box over the holes ... watering, though (the soil has still ... scrog line will poke through before then. ... put another fan in there, though, temps ...
First Attempt: 250w Dresser Stealth Soil Grow - Autoflowers
... spray bottle up? How much Epsom salt per gallon for feeding straight into soil? I think its 1 teaspoon per gallon for foilar feeding, same for water ... soil out like I read on a Google search to do in case it is root rot or mold. I took a paper clip and poked holes down into the soil ...
400w DWC/Soil grow- Aurora & Utopia Haze
... in soil or other medium. Basically anytime the roots are sitting in ... poke some air holes into the growing medium to provide extra aeration and oxygen to the roots. For soil ...
Black tips, under curled leaves
... bottle (like gatorade or sunny d), poke holes in the cap and use that as a watering can. Slow watering helps the soil catch the water better. Jorge Cervantes recommends ...
Any chances of some plants?
... soil into about a 1' by 1' square. I put 1" holes in the ground in 3 spots across the plot. I placed them in the holes and put loose soil ... more to poke out considering ...
So you want to grow Marijuana, your ?'s answered here.
... gaseous CO2. Create a CO2 chamber by poking holes in the sides and top of an insulated box ... time should i just try a couple in soil? thanks for the assistance i just looked ...
SuPa NoVa's 1st Outdoor Guerrilla Grow*PICS NOW!!*
... so when water drains from the cups (poking holes in the bottoms) we wont have a mess. ... plants are outside, and your in the NE i beleive?, the soil is pretty acidic. atleast i ...
Swan Song: Double Sour Thai & Double Strawberry Diesel v2. Soil, SCROG
... Soil, ... Havent been in ... poke thru?? yeah man.. no branches, leaves or buds below the screen.. just on top. and just pull the long branch under, and up through the next hole ...
4th CFL Grow With Jungle Growth Soil - Blue Mataro and Afghan Kush x Train Wreck
... the Jungle Growth soil. Make sure they don't dry up. Not to wet, not to dry, just moist. You just poke a small hole in the soil and put the seed with the tap root facing down into the hole and cover lightly. In another day or 2 ...

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