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I think I have a hermie plant. What do I do?
... Ok I think I have a hermie plant. Im on my 3rd grow ... pollen sac that busted, that wasn't there the day before. Just get rid of it, unless you want to make seeds. Yes, a hermi ...
i got a hermie need help!!!
... pollen sacs, many are inside the bud and can pollinate it and all plants around it. One pollen sac ...
Is the bitch turning on me?Hermie??
... pollen sacs/balls anywhere, can i just let her finish flowering, pluck out the seeds of my herb and continue on ...
First Bagseed Grow, problems, pics, hermies?
... into wankers. So are hermies this common. On my first grow, 6 ... pollen sacs. They aren't on the main stem, but about half of the side branches have at least one male sac ...
Seeds from a hermie any good?
... pollen sacs form and even some yellowish pollen flanking the female flowers......this pollen ...
... hermie, maybe the plant was just trying to be a hermie but never quite made it to the complete pollen-sac ...
Any one experienced Hermies in Mandala genetics?
... hermi. Hope this helps I had a timer fail and one of the hashberry went crazy hermi but I got it out and one other that produced 1 pollen sac and made me 3 nice seeds on a bluedancer plant. It ...
is this f13 a hermie? it appears to be autoflowering.
... create feminized pollen sacs folks ... Hermie you'll see Balls where the Original Female Sex Caylx shows on Main Stalk..IME Thats the diff...Hermies to me show on Main Stalk or on ...
Advice on making the most of big F*ck up.
... plants have hermied or have been hit with pollen from ... not seen incontrovertible evidence on the affects of seed ... You can pick out the pollen sacs easily enough, and seeds, ...
Is this plan feasible?
... it hermie, ... pollen yield). However, apparently misting colloidal silver when the lights switch to 12/12 once or twice a day for two weeks will force pollen sacs ... on the equator ...

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