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is this a male pollen sack on my femmie?(pics)
... hermie...wrong again LIP. so, you see you didn't have to cuss after all...LOL its a seed pod...looks like you got a bit of pollen on ... sac ...
Hermy??????HELP. Hello, I have a bagseed plant that is in its 3rd week of flowering. Started to notice seed like pods under the buds, pollen sacs ...
How many types of hermies exist? - THCfarmer
... pollen sacs here and there and finish growing them out. The remaining 25% of the seeds were pure female -- I never found even a single pollen sac on ...
Need advice on hermi seeds - THCfarmer
... hermie genes in them now so id say yes, but if you grow a hermie out can you just carefully remove the pollen sacs ...
Pollen Sacs Growing on My Female, couple weeks from harvest - THCfarmer
Pollen Sacs Growing on My Female, couple weeks from ... started goin hermie and growing pollen sacs. Im about 2 weeks away from harvest. How badly will these pollen sacs affect ...
18 days to harvest & hermie found what to do? - THCfarmer
... hermie found what to do? - THCfarmer I have 12 romulan 18 days away from harvest and noticed today that 3 of them produced maybe a dozen pollen sacs ... money on some ...
Found a hermie (1 out of 30)...pollen sacs have opened. Is my crop ruined?
... hermie (1 out of 30)...pollen sacs have opened. ... hermie on me recently, didn't notice until the flower had opened and spat it's pollen, the result was between 5 and 25 seeds on ...
looking for a difinitive answer on hermie seeds
... pollen sacs and that is what happened. IF you get a plant that hermies ...
... can get great quality bud from hermie's i dont know what DonBlaze28 is speaking on. GL pal i totally new ... . Here is a quick look at a plant growing pollen sacs, ...
Is this a hermaphrodite? :O
... is pollen, your female will get seeds. and those pollen sacs on your hermie contain pollen, so they open up, they will pollinate w.e the pollen touches. and pollen is like ...

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