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Do you think this is a low potassium problem? - The Garden's Cure
... edges burn and die. Potassium - Too much sodium (Na) displaces K, causing a K deficiency. Sources of high salinity are: baking soda (sodium bicarbonate "pH-up" ...
Post Harvest Foliar Spray - THCfarmer
... I have sprayed with potassium bicarbonate but never post harvest.... IS IT SAFE TO SPRAY POTASSIUM BICARBONATE POST HARVEST?? on my bottle of potassium bicarbonate it says it ...
Rocket Gal... - THCfarmer
... do you think about a heavy kelp tea, since it contains trace minerals, potassium, and phosphorous in minute amounts. I thought a little epsom would provide Mg ... . I used to run a sulphur burner; I kept neem oil, serenade, and potassium bicarbonate close to my garden and close to my heart! But in december/january ...
Need Help with Powdery Mildew - THCfarmer
... they work, but i prefer the more natural greencure. its active ingredient, potassium bicarbonate, is commonly used in food products and is completely organic. also cheaper ...
Let's Grow in an Aerogarden (Dynamic Grow!)
... the two ingredients used for it, potassium carbonate, causes calcium to bind to it, basically causing a calcium clot. potassium bicarbonate (like what is used in Earth Juice ...
Acceptable & Unacceptable Products in Organic Growing
... (without PBO) Orange oil Pepper products (red and black) Plant Wash Potassium bicarbonate Rabbit Scram Spinosad Scram animal repellant products Sycthe Tim-Bor THRIVE waste and ...
Mold and harvesting
... wants when flowering, and it kills the mold. Active ingredient is Potassium bicarbonate. Quote: Originally Posted by 5150 Are you talking about white powderly mildew ...
Sick Plants? Have A Question? Ask Here.
... that great IMO. I have searched and think that it may be a Potassium problem but I'm no expert. heres some pics hope you can help ... me so I am worried about my little babies. What would you recommend? Potassium-Bicarbonate? I put a fan in the room to keep some airflow, but it ...
Mold, Mildew, & Other Fungus
... prevent powdery mildew from sticking to your leaves, because of the raised alkalinity. Potassium bicarbonate will also do the same. I have a friend who says he uses ...
Is SMART WATER good for marijuana plants????
... damn. Is that bad? I know they add calcium chloride , magnesium chloride and potassium bicarbonate. What ever that is?? are you going to be adding nutes into it ...

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