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GREEN algae in flood/drain tray, help!
... flood/drain tray, help! [Archive ... you giving nutrients? (If using soiless) for 10mins If flowering, when did you ... 2nd ect) What is the TDS/EC/PPM you are using? 600ppm What is ...
OG Kush, Flood/Drain, Drip, 6.2kw, AC, SOG
... tray with 54g res flooding every 8hrs for 5 mins. Lights ... foliar every now and then. PPM between 1000-1500 entire ... have drippers or just flood/drain? Drippers :D Big Smile ...
CalBear4Life's Grow Diary (Flood/Drain: OG Kush and ChemDawg D)
... Flood/Drain: OG Kush and ChemDawg D) [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums Hello everyone...let me start off by saying how appreciative I am for ... 1550 ppm 5. ...
█☻☻ Pure Kush And Beso - Flood @ Drain ☻☻█
... Flood @ Drain ☻☻█ [Archive] - International ... 8" tall.... flood every 3 hours for 2 minutes - always ... ppm's already.... hitting em with close to 1600 ppm's ...
1000w 4x4 flood/drain SOG
... ppm... ak47 for example. Hmmm, i was thinking 6 floods a day seems a bit too much for ... like in soil, but still incorporate the flood/drain tables. lol altho i've been drawing up ...
flood drain help please
... for the info for now relief - that girl is a've clearly found the sweet spot for your strain :headbange levitikuz - you are gonna love flood drain ... the ppm by ...
Yields for Flood & Drain vs. DWC?
Yields for Flood & Drain vs. DWC? [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums I did a lot of reading ...
Help Setting Up Drain To Waste Idea
... deeper understanding of ph and ppm of nutrient water and run off. ... that I plan to use for flood trays. They are roughly 1.5 ... putting a 3/4 inch drain on one end. with this be ...
flood & drain 2k watts 2 starins AI & NL
... NOW FOR SOME PICS here are my moms 2 in buckets with airstones and homemade flood and drain ... do .... running ph at 5.8 with ppms around 1250 of sensi bloom A & ...
flood and drain timing
... for scrog, wish me luck ;] Since I have everything already setup for the flood & drain I went ahead and bought a better timer, now its time for lights plus ppm ...

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