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GREEN algae in flood/drain tray, help!
... flood/drain tray, help! [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums I've been having issues with green ... ) for 10mins If flowering, when did you switch over to using Bloom nutrients? What order are you mixing your nutrients? (example: veg nutes 1st, bloom 2nd ect) What is the TDS/EC/PPM you ...
OG Kush, Flood/Drain, Drip, 6.2kw, AC, SOG
... / passive intake 4x4 tray with 54g res flooding every 8hrs for 5 mins. Lights on 24hrs. Pics ... , Diamond Nectar, Superthrive foliar every now and then. PPM between 1000-1500 entire grow, been recently seeing ... So do the sites have drippers or just flood/drain? Drippers :D Big Smile Looks like your on ...
CalBear4Life's Grow Diary (Flood/Drain: OG Kush and ChemDawg D)
... Flood/Drain: OG Kush and ChemDawg D) [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums Hello everyone...let me start off by saying how appreciative I am for all of the help that people from this forum provide!!! If it wasn't for ... Day 12 72 degrees 78% humdity 1550 ppm 5.6 ph Good morning! The ...
█☻☻ Pure Kush And Beso - Flood @ Drain ☻☻█
... Flood @ Drain ☻☻█ [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums ... 2 X 4..... vegged till 6-8" tall.... flood every 3 hours for 2 minutes - always have 1 1/2" ... buy im getting kinda high in ppm's already.... hitting em with close to 1600 ppm's... pulling hand fulls of ...
1000w 4x4 flood/drain SOG
... if i push 800 ppm... ak47 for example. Hmmm, i was thinking 6 floods a day seems a bit too much for rockwool-- I will back it ... for at least 1 month before i start to enjoy it :D Big Smile . well worth the wait though. Next grow in this 4x4 i will have 12 plants on the out rim of the flood/drain ...
flood drain help please
... flood and drain... Ill def. probably be askin more questions during the grow,... thanks alot for the info for now relief - that girl is a've clearly found the sweet spot for your strain :headbange levitikuz - you are gonna love flood drain ... feeding schedule but lower the ppm by 100-150 ...
Yields for Flood & Drain vs. DWC?
... for Flood & Drain vs. DWC? [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums I did a lot of reading on cultivation forums some time back and decided to do a recirculating DWC. I had some problems and after reading more, decided to go with flood & drain ... like 400 bucks. But, back on topic, yeah I know DWC yields better than flood & drain. That's why I said DWC yields better than flood & drain in my original post. I'm asking HOW MUCH more. Don't need subjective replies ...
Help Setting Up Drain To Waste Idea
... have recently fell in love with coco and drain to waste just seems to make sense and will ... lot with gaining a deeper understanding of ph and ppm of nutrient water and run off. With that out ... plastic storage containers from walmart that I plan to use for flood trays. They are roughly 1.5 feet wide, 2 ...
flood & drain 2k watts 2 starins AI & NL
... ...and northerlights by nirvana NOW FOR SOME PICS here are my moms 2 in buckets with airstones and homemade flood and drain with 3 other moms ......600 ... finish ...cant wait till they do .... running ph at 5.8 with ppms around 1250 of sensi bloom A & B no additives That looks ...
flood and drain timing
... able to flood it at 30 min. periods as recommended. btw ive got most everything I need except nutes lights a ph/ec meter plus chicken wire for scrog, wish me luck ;] Since I have everything already setup for the flood & drain I went ahead and bought a better timer, now its time for lights plus ppm meter :]

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