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8 x 1000 CO2 HYDRO / COCO JACK'S 2ND GROW - THCfarmer
... high ppm levels I usally start them at 1000 and from week 4 to 6 1500 to 1700 ppm ... be running my new 24 site Under Current hydro system burning 20 k in vertical lighting and ...
Plants yellowing rapidly in hydro no matter what I do! - THCfarmer
... hydro no matter what I do! - Page 2 - THCfarmer Yea, ... PPM level of my feed. I started hand watering at 350 PPM + 100 PPM of cal/mag + misc. I went up to 700 total PPM ...
what ppm is good for hydro stating 1week to 6week - THCfarmer
... stretching still and demands high levels of nitrogen. If you switch ... PPm 500/600/700...WTF? Just pick a effing number Hydro manufacturers... What is FJ's advice of 900-1200 PPm ...
Shady's Evolutionů Round 3: Hydro, Soil, & Great Genetics - THCfarmer
... Hydro, Soil, & Great Genetics - Page 6 - THCfarmer Originally Posted by R. Face Damn Shade-Dawg...When I need a multi level ... 100 PPM mix ...
PPM's in hempys waytoo high!! HELP!!! - THCfarmer
... with a good solid nute mix at a ppm level they need for there size and look,also ... s your ph? Are you sure you rinsed the hydro thoroughly enough? That stuff is packed full of ...
Hydro Questions?
... PPm level should be over 1300 ppm if your water started out at 220....mien starts arround 220 and my ppm after adding ends up beeing arround 1450 ppm ... ppm. Great for hydro, ...
Hydro information
... once, preferably twice a day for pH and ppm levels. THCesar and others with experience with hydro can judge levels and spot signs which comes with experience. I personally ...
ppm's in Organic-Hydro
ppm's in Organic-Hydro [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums How important are TDS readings in hydro ... to the desirable ppm level on your meter, youll scorth ...
PPM + Ph rising, water level not dropping
... the ppm drops and add nutes when the ppm rises. 2 weeks ago, 600 ppm was the target. Next week it will be 800 ppm. I go up in ppm levels when I notice that the ppm levels are ...
A little help with PPM, EC, PH please!
... ppm (with an HM ppm meter) until I saw some burnt tips. But I believe several factors will go into how high of a ppm level ...

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