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Olivia's Cloning Gel vs Miracle Grow Fast Root
... clones..... I think there is a huge value ... for cloning such as vermiculite, perlite, verm/perlite mixture, hydrotron, sand. For ...
sensi 2 part plus program for soilless mix
... i value your opinion and would be very greatful for some ... clones...stop treatment after clones picked let her recover.. cut the nute use to 1/2 or 2/3 the ppms as before clones ...
{150w HPS All-in-One Micro Cab} ~Mazar Kush~ {10 Clone Ebb & Flow SOG Diary}
... ) to a concentration of ~420 ppm and adjusted the ... to increase the value would be greatly appriacted Hope ... ready for cloning. ;) Wink bengie187 - Sorry for going incognito for ...
In the market for a combo meter.... BlueLab Or Tri Meter?
... for example 490 PPMs for seedlings/clones 4.6 oz each of Grow-Bloom-Micro Per 55 Gals in my res Then for mild veg growth they have it 1,100 ppms ... this is of value to others. MH ...
One for the newbs: cheap and simple hydro, but very effective
... PPM parts per million tnx Doc...can you tell something about the scale for there need to calculate or the tester just teel the right value ...
TAG - Landing (Resource for True Aero Growing)
... TAGer understand the importance and value of precision delivery. The ... ???(never got over 980 ppm). ... :yes: Meanwhile I'm set for clones now as all of them ...
Looking for FloraNova alternatives.
... for clearing that up.. Now I understand why your PH was kinda high, those were values for ...
Successfully cloned a AF
... to transfer the genes for cloneing. (sry for my weak english ;) ... at 10,000 PPM. It worked great on ... for that VB, this is the second strong reference suggesting the breeding value ...
PPM/ EC questions
... nutes? Is this the PPM values? I add prob ... value your knowledge, and appreciate any tips you can give me. Thanks a million! FYI... Clones ... shelf? How much for a 55 gal rez ...
How do you measure PPM's?
... ppm meters do is use the E.C. value to get the ppm value, not a big deal. It's just as accurate. No pen provides PPM values ...

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