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The growing large plants, outdoors, thread... [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
... Hill's genetics in play this year? I'd love to see some outdoor haze. I have some X18 that I have been playing with in a ... . A pallat of soil is a good ammount As far as doing an outdoor garden on home and garden nutes, i would love to see that, i ...
The growing large plants, outdoors, thread... [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
... like that for my outdoor beds. also how does the neem affect soil biology and microbes? i just ordered some "double death" predatory nematodes from ecowise ...
haxi's first real outdoor grow: 2010
... for today... I'll try to maintain weekly updates. See you on the outdoor growing forum ! :) Smile Peace :wave: Overall updates: 24 May ( ... . It get addictive. Hahaha. Mh thanks ^^ I'm already addicted, I did some outdoor grow last year, but sunshine, strain, and experience weren't on my side ...
Esperimento Bagseed Outdoor
... ad una pianta che sta in Outdoor. Esperimento: Semina ad Aprile, vegetativa fino ai ... e vento e soprattutto l'assenza di predatori.. Quanto erano alte le piantine quando le ...
Spider mites and outdoor grows.
... a spider mite that wasnt brought from the indoors. But even when carried outdoors they have trouble surviving the extremes of transplanting in april/ may, the occassional ... area spider mites are a given if planting outdoors cause they are everywhere. Luckily there are a lot of predatory bugs that also eat them but I am ...
THC's small 2011 outdoor
... my friend peace nice thc123, keep the outdoor pics coming.. great stuff! :tiphat: take care : ... img805/5098/img6619r.jpg bought myself some predatory mites as i dont wanna soray ...
First time Outdoor, 2011, Organic Cali bud FTW!
... (some more some less, depending on plant size) of potting soil. To each outdoor container I added 1cf of worm castings, a 40lb bag of dry stall ... season and I'll let you know ;] I've never run large containers outdoors and I've never used Patio Plus, so this whole year is going ...
Predatory Insects
... was thinking about buying predatory insects for my grow next year and was wondering what I should look into. I know I want predatory nematodes for my soil ...
THE 07 GREAT 55 N.LAT.OUTDOORS [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
... spidermites..... A combination of that and predatory spidermites can help a lot and prevent ... a nice outdoor sativa. I have never tryed to grow any haze outdoor here.... Maybe ...
08 outdoor [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
... them also Paddi. Should be some predatory wasps that fight them too I think ... bong with farmerjohns cindy from last years outdoor. very najs stuff indeed, heart breaking, ...

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