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Is a soils PH of 7.8-8.0 too high? Using PRO-MIX
... soils PH of 7.8-8.0 too high? Using PRO-MIX Ok so I am using premere pro-mix bx and I keep having def's and No matter ... pretty sure this meter is working, and just tested my pro-mix after I watered with ph'd water of like5.0 and yet the tester is now reading a ...
soil mix
... mix my soil mix is going to be 2:1 ratio of pro-mix hp to oceanforest by foxfarm. Do i ... mine by dumping the old soil in a tub of water and skiming it off ...
What kind of nutrient plan should i use with Pro Mix Hp?
... plan should i use with Pro Mix Hp? Hey everyone, I know Pro mix products are fairly popular with growers and ive heard mixed reviews but ive decided to ... with tap water. This is my first just wondering if anyone has any advice as too how to get a succesful grow with pro mix ...
check my organic mix
... mix okay im going with a ratio of 2:1 pro-mix hp and ocean ... mix sound?? should i feed the spt and the grow seperately?? or should i add them with water ...
I got this mix, opinions?, water only.:)
... mix, opinions?, water only.:) Smile - Page 2 You did not write down the whole recipe its not just for pro mix. Here are two very good organic soiless mixes ...
Botanicare Aeration mix Watering Schedule.
... mix Watering Schedule. ... Pro Grow and Roots Excellurator for the fertilizer. The Aeration Mix says 4 - 6 waterings a day with fertilizer. Do any of you water ...
Sunshine Advanced Growing Mix 4 - New Stuff anyone try it?
... Mix 4 - New Stuff anyone try it? I have been using LC1 "Pro Mix 1" ... used. I mix in a little perlite and vermaculite so as to help with water/nute ...
marijuana plants in pro mix (soiless mix) ph range?
... useing Pro mix bx. Or, after adding, and mixing all my nutrients in a five gallon container of water, what should my ph be (before) adding my mixed nutrients to the pro mix ...
Tell Us Your Soil Mix - The Garden's Cure
... Mix - Page 13 - The Garden's Cure 1 Bail of BX Pro-Mix 1 Bag of Shrimp compost 1 ... and 1/4 barrel loads of ambient spring water delivered via hand pump. never grow same area ...
Tell Us Your Soil Mix - The Garden's Cure
... mix of schultz pro mix, perlite, and 1/4 of the old mix ...

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