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How to Clone a Cannabis Plant - 420 Magazine
... two weeks I should have some clones. Pic of mother chronic after final pruning and topping. I've always had problems cloning this should help thanks Is it ...
When should I take clones from my plants? - 420 Magazine
When should I take clones from my plants? - Page 3 - 420 Magazine im trying to figure out the best 'pruning' techniques so i can reduce height accordingly without ...
My First Grow - Indoor Clone w/ DIY CFL's - 420 Magazine
... a 5 day old Master Bubba Kush clone. Clone - Master Bubba Kush Soil - Fox Farms Ocean ... . Any suggestions to what I should do? Prune? leave it alone? Leaf drooping on the ...
White Widow Outdoor clone - 420 Magazine
... nutrient question, I bought this clone from a shop and it was a hydro clone, the guy told me that ... spots is just dying, he told me just to prune it, so it is now off. he said ...
When to clone-timing for next grow - 420 Magazine
... 's. I'm sure I can clone there but if I were to clone before flowering stage of my grow the clones would be 7-9 weeks old before ... current and dropping the clones in after what would be 7-9 weeks after cloning. I think it would take a good bit of pruning with 8 plants in ...
What is a flowering clone? - 420 Magazine
... branching power of the flowering clone is unbelievable compaired to any other clone I've dealt with. In fact, one usually has to prune some of these branches before ... flowering a pruning session happens and once more at the two week period of flowering. You have to remember to leave yourself a few nice clones to be ...
Pruning during flowering? - 420 Magazine
... but id it healthy to do some pruning during flowering? There are some tops being ... that shade bud sites, yes. Take cutting for clones, yes I personally do the fold and ...
Should you top, prune, and bend? Or Top only? How do you do it? - 420 Magazine
... growing Each technique, pruning, topping and bending are used to improve yields in plants, but for different reasons. Pruning allows you to take clones, but then ... " to bending and feels that topping and pruning are the way to go. I prune only to take the clones. Kill 2 birds w/ one stone. Has anyone ...
Should I stop pruning? - 420 Magazine
... special really. They are both female clones. Anyways, everytime you cut a stem, 2 grow back. So ive been cutting and pruneing them the whole time. There starting ... just let emm grow? I don't understand your reply. I would not prune anything past the third week of flowering. Thats me, personally though. Just let ...
CLONING MADE EASY, a pictorial guide. - The Garden's Cure
... sweet tooth clones, even better. Keep on cloning. Don't encourage me to keep cloning "Oh ... few small left over branchs that I had pruned and decided to slap them into the ...

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