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Pruning for Yield
... for discussion. Thank you The only pruning I do is topping 1 time when I'm transitioning the plants to flowering but I do cut a decent amount ... day 20 of flowering. Any small branches below the main canopy i prune off in the middle of veg then again in the early parts of flowering. This is ...
any one know about pruning ? please look at my photos and tell me what you think ?
... Don't cut the leaves off! Look up pruning it re-direct the plants hormones causing ... in turn stimulate flower growth (they arent "buds" yet, they are flowers) from what ...
flowering stage questions
... around the flowers and connecting leaves. It looks like powdered sugar sprinkled on the flowers. ... them given time. Yes, prune the lower fan leaves now. I prune the fan leaves ...
Thoughts on cloning during flowering
... cuttings from a flowering plant then revegging them is called (super/ monster cropping) A Complete Guide to Topping, Training and Pruning - International Cannagraphic Magazine ...
When is the best time to prune.
... wouldn't top during flowering or in the last two weeks of veg before flowering. On the other hand, I don't like to prune anything other than dying ... to grow big and make bud sites. I recommend any pruning be done a few weeks into flowering. You can tell what branches are going to be nice ...
Powdery mildew mid-flower
... infected plant in quarantine, and decided to prune away all of the affected leaves. ... how many days are they into flowering? pictures? Quote: Originally Posted by ...
4.5 weeks into flowering...should I prune lower branches?
... weeks into flowering...should I prune lower branches? - Forums Hey guys, I am 4.5 weeks into flowering. Since the stretch at the beginning of flowering my ...
1st week flowering trim fan leaves?
... .com Forums Plant 2 Flowering - Donna - 2 weeks into flowering, growth spurts right and ... . They react differently even to pruning and removing foliage. Just because ...
Can I still prune
... prune them again?What is a good pruning schedule on outdoor growing in the Ohio Valley? Pruning is good, in veg anyway. Don't prune after you put them in flower ...
Prune durin flower???
Prune durin flower??? - Forums Sorry if this is a dumb question but can I prune my leave during flowering? Here's the story: I had some hella good ...

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