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Punto rojo y mangobiche (colombia - manizales 2000mts)
... cultivadores Canary la variedad es Punto rOJO NO punta roja, en colombia nadie la llama punta roja, el nombre basico de siempre es punto rojo aunque sea un nombre masculino ...
punto rojo colombiano
... al show de wuendy, y el punto rojo! prciosa Wuendy, tiene un porte poderoso espero de buena fumada tambien ando con punto rojos, dificil encontrar lotes firmes y estables ...
Very rough draft of Haze article - THCfarmer
Very rough draft of Haze article - Page 8 - THCfarmer BH Colombian Punto Rojo x Nev's Haze lumbo pheno beans somewhere I seem to remember. any ...
Colombian Red Point - THCfarmer
... Punto Rojo Colombian is a rare and distinctive cannabis genotype found in the coastal and central highland regions of Colombia. Translated as 'red point' from Spanish, Punto ...
a few more testers needed..... - THCfarmer
a few more testers needed..... - Page 2 - THCfarmer Punto Rojo x Chemo sounds like a treat to me! Cheers I would LOVE to ...
Panama x Mono Rojo
... only in Punto Rojo but also some old Corintianas for instance have the purple as well. Means more a highland line than other thing if so. Punto Rojo is another ... :// Punto Rojo is another old time classic, much better known than Moņo Rojo although both may share same genepool in the ...
Landrace sativa Rojo from the mountains of Peru!!!
... Herbalistic, looks so Punto Rojo to me, and as I saw and grew sometimes, very thin and delicate sativa. Always heard good things about peruvian Punto Rojos and is a great country to visit, and so much diversity :) Smile Best Wow--thanks so much for this post! I've grown a Punto Rojo X ...
sativa shootout grow... your 2 cents?
... wont be able to buy it like panama red (16 weeks) or colombian punto rojo ( 18-26) get your shit straight and don't go back on what ...
where are you all from and what type of prices/slang/culture you have
... Fire. And the rest they are divided by "color dots" Punto Rojo (Red dot), Punto Azul (Blue Dot). They are called like that because when they pack ...
60's Hippie weed?
... out (this is from High Times #3): Yep, sensimilla in '72. And Michoacan, Punto Rojo, and Santa Marta Gold were real mind warpers. As a bonus, here's ...

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