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Nor Cal Part 2 !!
... cloned them. and put the best 6 out ..So now I am down to 4 gave a buddy 0ne.. The best mother out grew my closet so I put her out in ...
PNW Growers; AK, B.C., WA, OR, Nor. CAL
... in my backyard in nor cal ... putting the clones and X18s out in ...
Nor Cal warming my ass!
Nor Cal ... so happy I did not put out my precious cannabis clones and starts.......DD https://www ... SHIT! I cant believe it snowed in NorCal in May....i live on the ...
MacG's Afgooey - White Widow - Hog - Mystery Plants - In/Outdoor Soil Grow - Insane! - 420 Magazine
... In/Outdoor Soil Grow - Insane! - Page 7 - 420 Magazine When is the latest you would start an outdoor grow from clones, say 3-4 weeks in veg, in Nor Cal? I'm putting ...
when can i start? so-cal beach - THCfarmer
... clones put out in late April and through May try to re-veg themselves. As for your full season, seeds get popped April 7-17th this year, and clones put out ...
when does the outdoor season start in - THCfarmer
... in nor cal near the sacramento area. Put some plants out in mid april and just harvested! You've gotta be kidding me. I've had some plants out ...
Chem Dog look out there's a new kid in the garden!
... out bong water! Hopefully I did and the reason to put the clone out ... clone only now right??? Yes I am, Thunder Goo is a clone only strain from Nor Cal it was bred in ...
Butte's 2007 Outdoor - "In the trenches..."
... in February under an 18/6 photoperiod under a 1000w inside. Then, in early April I put them out in ...
SR71 Strainguide and Clones [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
... Nor Cal Goo so it is Nor Cal ... be out in april. ... put it out in the first place. There are no copyrights for weed. And I ain't talking about strait out ripping off a plant or clone ...
SR71 Strainguide and Clones [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
... in the Nor Cal setting with bigger clubs and more experience with growing but yet we get shit for selection in ...

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