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*Saibai...2009 Guerilla*
... harvest. I'm sure many of us owe cleaner harvests last year to silverback. The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his ...
2008 Guerilla Grow - Results
... ;first" grow. If you want a bigger yeils do a search for silverbacks threads. He has some great ideas. Your plants turned out very nice for ... ;first" grow. If you want a bigger yeils do a search for silverbacks threads. He has some great ideas. Thanks. Would of been nicer had I ...
Preserving the Crop:: Final Stages of The Harvest
... lookin forward to having much better security this year. will be nice Thanks silverback, I have barns, but not the security to cure cannabis in them, or ...
what other than skunk#1 to increase yield outdoors?
... Skunk from sensi 5. Early pearl from sensi 6. Hindu Kush from sensi silverback, hello, you said to avoid skunks and then post early skunk as suggestion ... early and do not rot, great genetics to cross in to outdoor strains, Silverback knows exactly what he is doing too, I am going to have to ...
Climate change
... of your heat. Wanted to post pics but cant figure out how. PEACE Silverback, I noticed last year that my last frost 39 degree lat. was in ... dont think theres gonna be anymore cannabis growing if that is the case. silverback, i'm from the Appalachian mountains too and i don't care what ...
Anyone got a fav sensi star or ppp pheno?
... , sounds like the one for me :joint: sorry to interrupt this thread,hey silverback r u gett'in my pm's?or r u mad at me ...
Snow/Ice bad times for many
... , water pipes, life, etc... These folks need some positive karma right about now. silverback and others...let us know that things are good if you can. Yea ...
History of weed cloning questions.?.?.?.?.?.
... book I ended up buying due to a suggestion about it made by silverback maybe about a year ago, the first edition of the book was published ...
Ontario growers early finishing strain thread.
... ,gg#3,himalayan gold,warrior,c99 and maple leaf indica/northern lights(thanks silverback!)looking to be a good season. Stubbled across this (http://http://www.icmag ...
The Deer Dilemna
... changr scents often that spooks em. 500 pound grasshoppers! lol very interesting idea silverback. carefully mixing up that toxic recipie. im interested to see if this will ...

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