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... SMOKE REPORT strain: Kushberry DNA Gen. growth: veg for 5 ... nice,12 12 -seed.2 are fem waiting on 3rd .sleestack x also 100# germ rate 1 showed sex f'ing ...
Kushberry (OG Kush x Blueberry) Smoke Report
... lost the label to I think is sleestack x skunk. I will let ya know ... . Thanks for your observations.... Peace Nice smoke report ! no ...
Smoke Review: Subcool/TGA Jack The Ripper
... x GDP, WhiteBerry x LA Woman, White Widow x Sleestack, Pandora's Box x BlueCheese, and a few ... white. Looks like it will be a fantastic smoke! I am planning on using JTR in a ...
Russy's Interactive Perpetual Grow
... Smoke Reports & Ranks (Alltime) Blue Cheese - 10/10 - Super Potent , Super Stinky , Fruity/Earthy/Blueberry Taste Train Wreck - 9/10 - Top notch medical smoke ... DNA Sleestack ...
Russy's Interactive Perpetual Grow
... smoke now. Buds Porn G-13 Haze Final Report Harvest Weight : 186 Grams /= 6.6 Oz's Huge yield of massive fluffy buds. Rather disappointing really. Smoke Report ... DNA Sleestack X ...
SKUNK TRAIN REPORT (Attitude xmas seeds)
... REPORT (Attitude xmas seeds ... i just dropped 2 LA & 2 Sleestack in the dirt last night nothing ... a quick dry overnight (im out of smoke) If it tastes anything like it smells ...
strain suggestions please
... 2 opposites of smoke here. something for a daytime uppy social smoke and something ... Well the makers of Rocklock and Sleestack...DNA Genetics...seem pretty cool to me ...
dna genetics KB X SK1!!!
... strains from the xmas deal they had.the kushberry and the sleestack were the only females,light fell on sleestack.cant wait to start more of this strain ...
Blue Cheese, PPP, Thai SS...Jerry's Second Grow
... is saying cant wait for ur smoke report jerry. Glad your getting better mate ... one. Other TW clone, pheno #1 Little chiesel Sleestack skunk. The rest of the plant isn't worth ...
Our first grow log. DNA sharksbreath - THCfarmer
... experience wit SB lov to hear ur smoke report how bout them pics Either Purple wreck fem., Kandy Kush fem., or Sleestack fem. no exp wit da fem version ... AAA bag appeal both others sound great tho cant ever go wrong wit sleestack genetics ,i dont get too excited to hear bout kush these days but ...

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