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Sm-90 and Hygrozyme - THCfarmer
... plants tho. What exactly is SM-90? colandior oil is what consumes most of the ingredients... Anyone got an opinion on this? sm-90 =97% sulphurated canola oil 1 ...
Sm-90 and Hygrozyme - THCfarmer
... I use both SM-90 and Hygrozyme in my Hempys and DWC's. 2.5 mL per gallon of SM-90, and about 5mL per gallon of Hygrozyme. SM-90 is good as a foliar spray for mites too As it was said SM-90 is supposed to ...
SM-90 kills Mycorise?
... should stop using SM-90? I have a feeling the SM-90 will kill the mycorise? I'm hesitant to stop using it cuz I really love the SM-90. Gnats seem ... is so good I'll just drop the SM-90. I'll use Hydroguard for root protection instead of the sm-90. SM-90 is like root protection/insect prevention and it ...
What is the scoop with sm-90?
What is the scoop with sm-90? [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums So sm-90 was recommended to me for control of fungus gnats, root stimulation, and more. ...
sm-90 and botrytis
sm-90 and botrytis [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums If I used sm-90 as a foliage spray, would it kill botrytis (bud mold)? well i thought ... up to 3 spray applications . i did remove the bad spots of course . Sm-90 is made of natural oils. I recommend spraying lightly before lights out. Oil ...
Beware of SM-90!!
... have used or are wanting to use SM-90, let me pass on something that has affected me. First of all, SM-90 appears to be a great product not only for bug control but also to help root colonization. SM-90 apparently has many benefits other ...
how does sm-90/mm2000 work?
how does sm-90/mm2000 work? [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums i know its pytherium but how ...
Is SM-90 have the same use as Flora Shield?
Is SM-90 have the same use as Flora Shield? [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums I ... ? I have never used either product but am looking into getting something similar. SM-90 is what I am leaning towards but this is just two of many ...
SM-90 and ready gro..
SM-90 and ready gro.. [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums I used some SM-90 in my water, and I am using Ready gro.. do you think this ... cap full for 10 gallons to raise the ph.. do a search on SM-90, you will get your answer...i just read it a few days ago ...
... using beneficials in your soil. SM-90 will kill beneficials. I use beneficials, so SM-90 cannot go into my reservoir. But I am testing SM-90 as a foliar spray. I ... sm-90 is supposed to affect their hormone system ( no fooky, fooky, sooky, sooky ) SNAGGY - QUIT SPREADING FALSE INFO!!! SM-90 Does not kill beneficials! It is a myth. SM-90 ...

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