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DIY DWC SCROG CABINET (Williams Wonder and Chemdawg D)
... and exposing them to light. the are various dwc setups u can buy without this prob. its also ... (Hindu Kush x Skunk #1) got a few small powdery mildew formations. I was able to ...
need opinions - new DWC setup
... DWC setup so here's my plan: I want to use 5 ... is this too much? we are planning on doing SOG type setup where the plants will be small (flowered under 12 ...
How many bubbles are too many bubbles for DWC?
... DWC? I'm going to buy one of those industrial air pumps for my DWC setup ...
DWC setup you've never seen!!
DWC setup you've never seen!! - Page 2 yes how ... meter worked out for you? I fully agree with RawBudsky that small plants are a must. I think if you grow em ...
My Drip/DWC Setup
... DWC Setup I began experiencing problems with my drip system, ... small grow box, I'm gonna keep the reservoir in there. Here are some pictures of the setup ...
DWC: Group or Individual resevoir?
DWC: Group or Individual resevoir? Hey guys, doing the preliminary research and all that on my first hydro grow, and was curious: in a DWC setup ... 3 small ...
Dutch Passion Mazar DWC Buckets
... DWC Buckets *ANY POSTS AND COMMENTS ARE ACCEPTED* This grow wasnt planned. So its progressed from one seed in an aero-garden into a 2 bucket DWC setup ... small ...
Large healthy plants in DWC suddenly Wilting? Please help
... tall and all were incredibly healthy in my DWC setups until about a week ago. Two of them ... who deplete the air of CO2 faster than small plants however this is unlikely to be ...
Possible Root Rot? need help
Possible Root Rot? need help setup: 2 afghan rhyder, 2 auto-ak grown in 1.5" netpots in a small dwc setup. ph is usually between 5.8-6 ... out. And I'll try adding frozen bottles, but the problem is my dwc is all about micro, its a 2ft tall box and my res is ...
DWC + Organics (Earth Juice)?
... 5 gallon DWC setup. I've have great results with both; however, I prefer the DWC setup for ... water tight seal. It also calls for a small amount of water on the surface before ...

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