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I'm getting as sick as these babies
... . res. drip system, ph drip test kit, rockwool as medium,fed 3 times a day with 1/2 nute strength of Rockwool Formula 1, 80* temps, 30% hum ... . fluros. 1 rubbermaid 14 gal. res. w/airstone and res.heater 68* pre-soaked rockwool cubes to ph of 6 (1) w.rhino (1) s.white This time ...
Help me with my seedlings
... seeds 3 are already popped out of the rockwool after a 30 hour soak in 77* water (didnt mean to soak that long but got really busy) all have ... . Ideally you would want to make sure the whole root is in the rockwool. So all your seedlings should look more like your last picture. I'd ...
Please help me quick!!!!!!!! Good explanation and PICS
... If I have small rockwool cubes in soil then how do I know when the rockwool is dry? I ... 's for your mediums and let your plants soak up water from the bottom this will allow ...
Damping off problem? Please help +REP
... Grow black and thin at the line of the rockwool cubes. They wilted and gone. Now my other ... enter the root tips and cause a water-soaked brown to black rot similar to Pythium. ...
please help, i dont know what the problem is, (pics)
... .. especially since your girls are fairly young, they are very sensitive and soaking the entire rockwool cube is the equivalent of drowning them in nutes. try feeding with ... soil grower myself so i don't know much about ppms, but the soaked rockwool cubes is def a red flag. check these out too: Self Diagnose Your ...
They're all dying! PLEASE HELP!
... using rockwool cubes my babies sort of stopped for a few days then i noticed them drooping, classic over watering so checked the cubes they were soaking wet ... Take some pics Did you wait for roots out of the rockwool cubes BEFORE putting them into a bucket of hydroton? You TOP ...
No roots after almost a month?
... been very careful with how much I spray it. Just making sure the rockwool stays moist but not wet, and that the humidity stays above 80% Originally ... take anywhere up too 6 weeks to root. i usually cut mine, soak the rockwool in clone start, use a rooting powder and stick them in a humidity ...
First time cuttings help
... my friend gave me some cuttings from his blue cheese plant, he soaked the rockwool in h2o and put the cuttings in and gave them to me how ...
Sprouts dying please help.
... ak-48. I soaked all four in a shot glass and when they sank to the bottom i put them in pre soaked 3" rockwool cubes. All Sprouted ... to give that a try. Right now i germinated two more in the rockwool cubes and they look worse than the others. I'll hopefully get this ...
I really need some help
... been reading Al B. Fucked's ramblings or what? Look at that dense, soaking rockwool cube. How do you expect anything to grow in that? Are you aerating ... been reading Al B. Fucked's ramblings or what? Look at that dense, soaking rockwool cube. How do you expect anything to grow in that? Are you aerating ...

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