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azamax, spinosad - safe for fresh cuttings?
... dunking anything in either one. would lean toward the azamax, as I have had much better results with it than spinosad, but both are good. Absolutely, both will work great for you. I'd dunk with the azamax, then spray the ... but I'd rather actively hunt the little buggers.overmyhead For new cuttings I would suggest that you stick with Spinosad and the reason that I say that is because the active ingredient in Azomax/Azatrol type products (i.e. Azadirachtin ...
Can spinosad harm my wormbin??
... Well my actual dilemma is to feed or not to feed my worms with plants that have been treated with spinosad. I'm about to cut my plants and want to give them to my worms, but since I sprayed them ... contribute is much appreciated! Here ( is a link that covers Spinosad's effects on earthworms. Hopefully it will give you the info you need. Looks like there was minimal effect on ...
Captain Jack's Dead Bug Brew - Spinosad
Captain Jack's Dead Bug Brew - Spinosad [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums Ahoy! Anyone ever heard of Spinosad? Good shit. This is one of very few sprays on the market that utilize the Spinosad. Not going into it it if you ... and who has anything intelligent to say about it one way or the other? :) Smile from my own experience using spinosad I had 100% success fighting Thrips... with only one application didn't work atoll for spider mites... cheers
Where to get Spinosad ASAP from Scandinavia/Northern Europe??
... an excuse. Good Luck Alot of animal feed and supply stores will have spinosad and DE. Not sure if you got those there. so far, i knew spinosad mainly from being helpful with ants. please don't blame me if i didn't hear anything about them being used with thrips yet. some fast online shops in .de are selling concentrated spinosad (480g/l). one i know would only ship to denmark and finnland taking ~20€ just for the shipping. other countries ...
Captain Jack's Dead Bug Brew (Spinosad)
Captain Jack's Dead Bug Brew (Spinosad) [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums Active ingredient: Spinosad Just wondering if anyone else has tried it, and if it worked for you? I used it to kill caterpillar ... DO YOU THINK? *I tried to post this in the products review section.. I have used Monterey Garden Insect Spray (Spinosad) to wipe out thrips. :abduct: It works every time! I am thankful for the inquisitive scientist that returned from his ...
Monterey Gardens Spinosad/budworms
... I inspected the buds and saw nothing. Wednesday I saw another and some damage. Who here has used Monterey Gardens Spinosad? I used it Thursday, soaking the buds after seeing a worm . Friday morning more worms and the top of a ... than BT. Aren't they both essentially bacterial agents that pretty much work the same? I been usin safer catterpillar killer with good results, just gotta use it every couple days or at least once ...
Pyrethrins and Spinosad Need Spray Schedule
... Spraying to frequent. I was thinking alternating weeks. Starting at week 4 in Veg. Example: Week 4 Pyrethrin Week 5 Spinosad Is this over Kill? Am I missing anything preventative? Thanks in Advance! So, no one has an opinion on a ... week apart should be no prob. good luck.....BD Here is what I was told: Neem (like every 3rd sunday) Spinosad 1-2 times a month by Monterey Home depot or Lowes Immunox Plus which contains Permethrin & mycobutanil every 4 ...
Floramite and many days apart?
... . if you have a small problem, and terrible if you have a large infestation. heres some info on the spinosad product: Spinosad (spinosyn A and spinosyn D) are a new chemical class of insecticides that are registered by the United States Environmental ... species by causing rapid excitation of the insect nervous system. Due to this unique mode of action, Spinosad is valued in resistance management programs. Spinosad must be ingested by the insect, therefore it has little effect on non-target predatory insects. It ...
Spinosad and Mites
... around and it said that it is also used for mites.. Has anyone tried it/had any success with using spinosad for mites? I know it works wonders with thrips.. WHAT ARE THESE!? ... Not trying to argue but I use success with active ingredient spinosad alternating with floramite and two spotted spider mites are just a bad memory It obviously has SOME effect. Maybe it ...
Using SPINOSAD against thrips in a DWC bucket
... on the leaves of my plants. They are 1 month at 12\12 in a big DWC bucket. I have a spinosad based product from bayer called SUCCESS.I already used it with great results in soil,but never used it in ... 'll finish but if anyone has any's welcome :) Smile :wave: The only way I've ever used Spinosad (Monerey garden insect spray) was to spray it on. It does not hurt the plants at all. Me personally, I ...

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