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Active State Medical Marijuana Programs (As of July 1, 2011)
... date, however, no such registry has been established. Senate Bill 420 also grants implied legal protection to the state's medicinal marijuana dispensaries, stating, "Qualified patients, persons with valid identification cards, and the designated primary caregivers of qualified patients ... who ...
State Reciprocity Agreements (or Where You Can Travel and Medicate Legally)
... is quoted verbatim from NORML Quote: Originally Posted by blaaam For MI, where did the last phrase come from?? (other state, district, territory, commonwealth, or insular possession of the U.S. must offer reciprocity to have reciprocity in Michigan) I don ... of the US that allows the medical use of cannabis by a visiting qualifying patient , That is simply stating that if another state allows visitors from elsewhere to use thier cards or to allow a person to assist with the visiting qualified ...
What state is furthest from legalization
... - Page 4 - Forums Quote: Originally Posted by oldskoolgrower It's their right to determine the laws in their State, whether we agree with it or not or whether it's misguided or not. agree, but the determining factor is ... way we ban shit weed related South Carolina is too republic of a state to pass any MJ Law. Although our punishment isnt as bad as some states but our state troopers favorite thing to do is to catch people with drugs. Quote ...
What state is furthest from legalization
... charges and they still don't believe me. Getting caught growing here is pretty much nothing (in comparison with other states). However, I would say for the possession of marijuana itself, the fines are about average. Plus we have paraphernalia charges ... of their lives. Nope Florida definitely. We're heading in the opposite direction of the country. We are the only state that has a lower amount of plants required than the federal government for trafficking. 25 plants in Florida = Trafficking which ...
What state is furthest from legalization
... worth maybe 5 unless you got bomb hookups Only good thing about Connecticut is its nice headshops. Northern Lights Ftw State By State Laws - NORML FLORIDA, straight up FLORIDA is fucked upside down.... Florida is a shit hole THE SUNSHINE ... Pipes and Devices [CPSC] & Florida has harshest penalties in the country! Florida FLORIDA FLORIDA FLORIDA. the most ass-backwards state ever. i would say texas but they have a legitimate reason to, with the cartel violence. Florida. FML Worse than ...
New York State Medical Marijuana Bill
... make it count this time, because it may not be proposed again when the democrats have such control over the state legislature. The entire thing should take less time that it took you to read that paragraph, here's what you can do: Look up who your state senator and assemblyman are: Senate: Assembly: New York State Assembly - Members Once you have that, simply make the calls and say ... ship time to the states ship time to the states - Forums I bought seeds from here and I know they are legit but does anyone know the average ship time to the states as I am eager to get them
US: 3-Year State Trooper Study: Marijuana Has An Odor
... shockingly, determined that the odor of marijuana may be associated with the presence of marijuana . Now, stop it. Maybe Alaska State Troopers (AST) don't have much to do; I'm sure their lives could use a little more excitement. And ... analyze three years' worth of marijuana grows which they busted. The study analyzed 200 marijuana grow searches conducted by Alaska State Troopers covering 2006 to 2008. Marijuana was found and seized in 197 cases, or, as the troopers helpfully point out ...
State of California OKs petition drive for pot legalization
... pot legalization Quote: (09-22) 15:41 PDT San Francisco -- Two prominent East Bay marijuana advocates got clearance from the state today to try to put a pot-legalization initiative on the November 2010 California ballot. Richard Lee, executive director of ... personal use. It would allow each local government to decide whether to tax and regulate marijuana sales. The secretary of state's office approved the initiative for circulation along with a similar measure sponsored by John Donohue of Long Beach. Each ...
whitehouse petitions stop interfering state marijuana
whitehouse petitions stop interfering state marijuana - Forums Hey guys didn't see this one posted yet. Or if it was my bad. But support this one to stop interfering state marijuana legalization efforts

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