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Stealth grow ?? :)
... making a grow environment out of a card board box. If anyone has past experience with stealth growing or good ideas or tips let me know! also any grow stories or ...
The Yeti's Stealth Grow
The Yeti's Stealth Grow - Page 2 - Forums Ok, so after the first day my box got alittle too hot and the poor little sproutling was very ... just sucks haha I'm diggin' this thread. I'm loking into micro growing also (Personal) Please tell me the lighting you have on "it" ...
The Yeti's Stealth Grow
... Stealth Grow - Page 5 - Forums Quote: Originally Posted by theyeti Plants are just amazing, did you guys know that bamboo could grow ... I want this box to look ...
First Stealth Grow
First Stealth Grow - Forums Hello everybody, this is my first post. I am trying to make a stealth box from this wooden file cabinet on casters. Its 15 ...
My first grow box
... grow box - Forums Greetings, I have a PC box where I'm growing (hopefully) a female. Im already in the first month of growing ...
First grow _ stealth micro grow box
First grow _ stealth micro grow box - Forums I just started a box grow that needs to be stealth. I built a 24" x 20" wooden box Cut three holes ...
Bagseed CFL PC grow box (Lots of Pics)
... the box Here's some pics, notice the leaves began to droop after the transplant, but they're starting to look healthy again. fasho im doing a stealth grow ...
Need some major help with my first stealth grow.
... stealth grow. - Forums Alright so me and my friend are thinking about growing some ... just gonna help him set up his grow box and teach him the basics and ...
problems need help 6 fans and still temps over 95
... Forums ok starters i have a small cabinet which im using for a stealth grow box . i have 2 big computer fans which put out 70 cfm a piece ... direction and have holes between the shelves so air can circulate threw box ive insulated the box with reflective material for the cfls to have more penetration ive ...
first outdoor stealth grow
... stealth grow - Page 2 - Forums Quote: Originally Posted by Qued If u got the balls to grow ... and stuff it came in my mail box i can say that (no signature req) ...

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