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... I've talked to a couple of old school guys who swear by flushing with sugar water, 1 tbsp per gallon. Thoughts? What would be the result of ...
... posting pics of her as she grows I use a flushing agent, but that's $20 per gallon sugar water. Research a little and you should be able ...
flushing in aero
... ....when should I start flushing my system with only sugar type nutes(i'll be using "sugardaddy") Wink only before i start to flush with only water ... days out. here some close ups now...I was planning on starting a flush in about 5 days with sugardaddy only for 4-6 days then go ...
Do I need to flush out the flush (Clearex)?
... like your flushing all carbs or sugars out either. Any other thoughts? I know many of you guys use a flush sch as you flush it out ...
Do simple sugars give any benefit during flowering?
... and readily available, thus the simple sugars. When flushing use ph'ed water only "no neuts". The reason you flush is to clear out the ...
When to start flush if looking fo couchlock (Trich Pictures)
... continue to change while I'm flushing so I want to flush at the right moment so ... belonging to buds like: aminoacids, sugars, terpenoids, vegetal hormones, and cannabinoids ( ...
Flushing instead of watering between feedings.
... I can water my plants with a flushing solution ( instead of plain water ) between feedings. The way I understood that flushing removes salts from plant allowing for better ... levels by providing sugars to beneficial bacteria, fungi, and your plants. When do you use this? If it's organic do you steel need to flush after you ...
... I FLUSH FOR THE LAST WEEK. MY LEAVES TOWARDS THE ... are no nasty nutes in there much love.......nasty Sugar isnt always the best thing to do, it ...
Sugar peak grand finale? - THCfarmer
Sugar peak grand finale? - THCfarmer Just picked some up , any body use? Plan on running for a week then running final flush for a week . Any feedback, comments ...
Sannies sugar punch? - THCfarmer
... will check that out now. An update on my Sugar Punch girl...I appear to have hit the ... she is almost ready for the chop. A final flush and dry and she'll be ready. Pic ...

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