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... always proper ph what Copobo said +3 I've talked to a couple of old school guys who swear by flushing with sugar water, 1 tbsp per gallon. Thoughts? What would be the result of doing this? Is this similar to ...
... guys for all your help all keep posting pics of her as she grows I use a flushing agent, but that's $20 per gallon sugar water. Research a little and you should be able to find how to make your own, if you're into that. The last week to 10 days should get nothing but water or water with a flushing agent. On ...
flushing in aero
... flushing my system with only sugar type nutes(i'll be using "sugardaddy") Wink only before i start to flush with only water.... Only water 7 to 10 days out. here some close ups now...I was planning on starting a flush ...
Do I need to flush out the flush (Clearex)?
Do I need to flush out the flush (Clearex)? As the title says, Do I need to flush out the flush (Clearex)? Meaning the day I harvest do i need to water it with water to flush out any metals or anything in the product ... is also has glucose and sucrose in it, so its not like your flushing all carbs or sugars out either. Any other thoughts? I know many of you guys use a flush sch as you flush it out or just harvest? Thanks
Do simple sugars give any benefit during flowering?
... over indulge on the sugars. It does help immensely, but, it also if overdone can injure. Use with predjudice. The simpler the sugar, the better the result. I give so little any more I don't bother to flush. Makes the buds hard ... grow without it first having to manufacture the sugars from root uptake. It is there and readily available, thus the simple sugars. When flushing use ph'ed water only "no neuts". The reason you flush is to clear out the neauts that ...
When to start flush if looking fo couchlock (Trich Pictures)
... but the trichs will continue to change while I'm flushing so I want to flush at the right moment so that I end up ... % measured upon the rest of organic substances belonging to buds like: aminoacids, sugars, terpenoids, vegetal hormones, and cannabinoids (determined by gas chromatography coupled with ...
Flushing instead of watering between feedings.
... I understood that flushing removes salts from plant allowing for better nutrients absorption. And does anyone used Humboldt Honey ES which is a blend of cane molasses, yucca, kelp and ocean fish. It increases brix levels by providing sugars to beneficial bacteria, fungi, and your plants. When do you use this? If it's organic do you steel need to flush after you use it before harvest?
... I FLUSH FOR THE LAST WEEK. MY LEAVES TOWARDS THE TOP OF THE PLANT GET BURNED. LOOKS ... guessing? WON'T THAT MAKE EM TASTE NASTY? use around 5 or 6 tablespoons of sugar per gallon of water. They way the buds will swell, it will continue to be ...
Sugar peak grand finale? - THCfarmer
Sugar peak grand finale? - THCfarmer Just picked some up , any body use? Plan on running for a week then running final flush for a week . Any feedback, comments, or input ? Do you run cal mag during flush? I stop cal mag week 6 of a 10 week plant. JK
Sannies sugar punch? - THCfarmer
... info yall have. Thanks Sannie himself started a test grow of several of his strains, including a tent full of Sugar Punch. The link to the thread is here: Since ... now. An update on my Sugar Punch girl...I appear to have hit the jackpot, as this girl is at just over 7 weeks now, and she is almost ready for the chop. A final flush and dry and she'll be ...

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