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Holy Ghost smoke report
... smoke report [Archive] - ... if trained and topped. Genetics: Rare Purps pheno x with rare 1947 Haze ... open the jar but the bud reeks of a fruity kind of sour haze Smoke / ...
The Purps
... the left is definitely I think the "higher quality" and the right is the "heavier yielder". how would you all explain the yield on the purps? the ...
Strawberry cough 1 day cured smoke report
... smoke report [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums http://img442 ... d..... Shit. Someone in the dirty south was/IS selling "the purps" for $50 a gram. ...
Grandaddy Purple vs. The Purps
... . Peace Of the purps I've smoked I like Urkle, GDP, and Grape Ape. The mendo purps has a incense like smell and taste. And not potent. While the other three exuded ...
Purple Erkle smoke report
... the job done! I love your smoke reports, you seem to be hitting all the ...
Get Mo's next grow...Goo, Purple Bubba, The Purps, Sour D, and Grandaddy Purple.
... purps is the one from marconi med center, 'the purps', that and strawberry cough were some bomb clones. The rest are from seed. The ... be expecting a smoke report soon. Bruja- ...
Jock Horror smoke report
... the green buds were massive the purp were a lot smaller i got 3/4 - 1/2 oz a plant, the ... out to see the saga unfold...I'll be back in a few months with a smoke report. La Gra ...
The Purps
... the purps despite the fact that it lack in the potency department. nice report. those buds look thc ladden. Looks nice. Gotta love the taste/look of the purps despite the ...
What 'name' buds have you smoked?
... the seeds he sent me! I have pics lost on of the BMR too, with the smoke report ...
The Firehouse 3000 WATT HYDRO!! (chernobyl, kandy kush, bubba kush, mendo purps)
... the bud size. Let us know the dry wt and smoke report. Which one btw is the kandy in the pics? Kandy kush is the fifth one down and the ...

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