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anyone NOT using a carbon filter?
... ona gel or something instead of carbon filter on a micro grow? There are also these Ozone tubes which use a UV light or something thats supposed to get rid of the odour. They banned carbon filters where i live, so they sell ...
Filtering out Chlorophyll?
... to feed this machine. :kitty: There is filter paper that pulls chlorophyll from the ... JK chlorophyll is produced via photosynthesis. uv light will decompose the chlorophyll. i ...
Standalone carbon filter
... of carbon (plus hepa filter & optional UV). The smallest phresh filter (4x8) weighs a total of 3 pounds alltogether @ $100. Anyone used this type of filter with success? I ...
Carbon filters don't work over 70% RH?
... ozone generators (and regular uv too, i think) . . . ... filter having an efficiency comparable to the non-agglomerated filter at about half the pressure drop. Agglomerated filters ...
Ozone Generator vs. Carbon Filter
... what brand works great (inline fan/carbon filter/ozone) would be appreciated as well. Thanks everyone ... plate/fan arrangement rather than a UV bulb. You can vary the output with ...
Activated carbon air filters
... out uv light and also kill any stray pollen. might be a benefit. But anyhow will let you know in a couple days how the carbon filters work ... :// It's just three furnace filters slid into dadoes, a bit of activated charcoal, screw the lid on and ...
When to change R/O filter
... which gives a read out of TDS,filter change time,when the membrane is flushing,etc.I also have a UV set up on it also and a ... RO system I have now cost $600 +and it has two carbon filters,two pre filters,UV chamber,and a gauge basically telling youwhat the tds is at different ...
big blue in-line UV ozone generator
... used activated carbon to one of these uv light, does anything think that it ... stinky odor out! bump bump carbon filters are preferable.......ozone generators eliminate most odor ...
UV purifier Ozonator
... about UV ozone, but I do know what I use for my intake. Goto to Lowes or Home depot and buy a "Oder and Alergen Furnace Filter ... to me.... If you are concerned about your air quality install a hepa filter on your intake, it'll remove any mold spores and help control powdery ...
Brita filters
... water" and hooking up a pump and UV sterilizer and recirc for a day or two ... than carbon as the active media. Brita Filters make excellent filters for your plant's water. I' ...

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