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Vegging under 2700k lights
Vegging under 2700k lights - Forums I only have one set of lights, I'm just finishing my first grow, looks like next ... the bat, making a single .8gram nug Well I really only wanted to get started with another grow, but as far as the single bud weighing .8 grm. This is a ...
can you veg with 2700k cfls?
... veg with 2700k cfls? - Forums is it possible to veg with 2700k or soft white clfs? i have the daylight clfs but the soft white seem to burn cooler... i was just curious There is no discernable difference in heat output between 6500k, and 2700k ... to get the lights close to ...
Vegging with 2700k ( Yes you can do it)
Vegging with 2700k ( Yes you can do it) Alright I'm not asking if you can veg with 2700k because i know you can. from what I've read it will make them stretch and grow slowly but maybe others have grown differently What would be the pros/cons of vegging with 2700k and has only had a successful grow with them ...
Can I veg with 2700k CFLs?
... veg with 2700k CFLs? - Forums How would it affect the plant and its potency/yield? Is it okay to veg under 2700k? you CAN, sure, but it will grow much slower and probably more stretched or something (not exactly sure) - why not just veg with 6500k? I don't think it will affect the flowering so much, other than what affects it from the veg growth. I would just get 6500k CFLs for veg, save the 2700k's for the flower period
Veg with 2700K spectrum cfl
Veg with 2700K spectrum cfl - Forums I'm currently using a mix of 2700K and 6400K bulbs. 194W of 2700, 78W of 6400K. Would it be ok to vegitate with this? i understand I have mostly 2700k ...
When can plants start using 2700k light?
... Box I'm 1 month into vegging now. I just want to know if my plant will benefit during veg if I add some 2700k lighting along with my 6500k lighting. The 6500k is much more important during Veg but the 2700k does help. If you can afford to do it, you might want too. Either way so long as you have sufficent other lighting you ...
What are your thoughts on vegging with hps lights as appose to mh lights? Rep+
... vegging with hps lights as appose to mh lights? Rep+ what do u prefer to use hps lights or mh for vegging, and why? anyone tried doing both mh and hps at once? MH bulbs are meant for vegging ...
growing with flourecent light bulbs
... light, helps in flowering). a soft white puts out 2700k(also good for flowering. switch all bulbs to this when flower). cool white is about 4000k-5000k(great for veg, blue light) and DAYlight bulbs are 6500k(VERY good for veg ...
Downfalls of Vegging with HPS
... seed and am on day 5 with a 68W 2700K of the HTG 150W HPS systems should be here on the 22nd and I plan to veg with that along with a couple supplemental 6500K cfls along with the 2700K i have already. Quote: Originally Posted by flat3ric Even if it's not the ideal spectrum 150W hps will put out a lot more light than 80W fluoro ...
Can i veg with 2700k ?
... i veg with 2700k ? - Forums I have no 6400k at the mo and I'm keen to get another grow going. Thanks! yeah for sure.. mite see the plants start to stretch more than usual but yes its ok to veg with 2700. MH will be much better for node growth and keeping the plants a lil more stout so maybe think about grabin one up in the future. Yes you can do it. Remember soft white bulbs are for vegging and ...

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