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what can i substitute for canna boost

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(Fatman's) DIY nutrient mixing guide - THCfarmer
... boost for one week. the article sounds like he uses it from week 4 up until the final flush. Canna ...
does anybody have a tried and true pure blend pro coco recipe - THCfarmer
... Boost is what cost the most along with the PK. According to him you can simply substitute the Molasses for the PK and Boost ...
What organic admendments do you use in your soil?
... I substitute Hi-n bat for Belize HI=P.For seedlings and cuttings just use 'straight' black gold w/o ammending. I believe in many transplants..especially in the early stages..I ...
Capo's First Coco Run/Nirvana Afghani*/Mazar-I-Sharif**
... can i expect the bloom to be good for? im going to start it off on one of my 4 girls for a weeks see if any problems arise. What ...
Hygrozyme for soil/soiless - Great results
... for everyone. There is no substitute for solid gardening skills. RM thx for the info jmansweed, do you use organic teas in your regiment? I ...
HELP!! Can't get any definitive answers!!
... substitute ... Can I ask why it would be better use the chemical approach, as opposed to light? (Im not skeptical, just interested in learning) And what is the chemical approach? I ...
Cali's back! 24 GI's, 800 watts, canna coco, ebb and flo
... boosts, maybe shooting powder. I like it all but the algen extract is way overpriced. Maxi crop is a nce substitute pennies on the dollar. I ...
Making them frosty- What do you use?
... substitute for good genetics. environment is important, but can only take you so far. initially a decade ago, i ...
Garden Tools for Sending Vibes to Medicinal Plants
... I think what can be said about this is plants are a direct reflection of it's environment, responding to the physical and metaphysical environment around us. I ...
Growing Inside A Speaker 101!! earluwonder skunk & Big Bud.
... i dont really want to ship to my place. what can i do for lighting?? hey bro! purple stems can ...

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