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when do hermies show

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Black Widow Hermies'
... hermie issue. Great smoke,very strong herb from jar to inhale....just lacked taste throughout the whole of the bud when ...
Turning lights off for a few minutes cause hermies?
... ive been doing it years Hey hazyfontazy: What do you say about small light leaks causing hermies? my ... it when the lights are on. If you see light coming Out it may show into ...
Show us the males
Show ... I noticed that the male HERMIED. Not many seeds, just ... /4497close_up_male_hermied_02_0 6_05.jpg) What do you think? rgds, ... didn't bother to repot, when the plant stands on ...
Hermie?! (pic)
... when ... hermi something needs to show both sexes right? I got a Texas Heather full on hermie atm. (It shows calyx and male pods) Just started showing ... do look alot like hermies ...
How to make it show sex?
... 'd at least be a hermie by now. :pointlaug Was ... they dont get the hint when i say "I' ... last attempt, my one male showed his balls after only ... I'd prefer to do a grow diary so ...
Showing sex on june 18th!?
... my plants are showing sex. I am 100 ... possible that they started to flower when you put them ... the males and the hermie now to avoid pollenating ... a couple strains do the same thing ...
do these loook pollenated?
... plain water will do in a ... showing polination) regardless how they got polinated However its more likely that they are "hermies ... ;nanners"....when I had hermies I only ...
What do you think?
... its not dark time to show you guys... they look nothing ... about the epsom salt, how do you use that? its ... a hermie. when growing bag seeds its very common to get hermies. it ...
hermie? [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums Is it possible to see if a plant is hermie in veg? I do see the preflowers on it, that shows ...
When to pull my hermie? & Is her sister a potential keeper?
When to pull my hermie? & Is her ... Since I've got better things to do than pick off bananas (and four ... about fertilizer, here's my thread that shows how to make a really good ...

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