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... 4 plants came wierd lookin.. two plant's first nodes set came with wrinkled leaves, deformed looking.. another's node grew a leaf and another stem with a ...
upside down leaves - THCfarmer
... down leaves - THCfarmer What would make part of a leaf turn upside down and slightly wrinkle?It stays green and plant is healthy looking.Just a couple of leaves ...
Will leaves droop when cold? - THCfarmer
... seaweed feeder until I got the droops. The spray was drying, leaving a brown stain underneath my leaves ( dried dissolved solids ) clogging the stomata. I cleaned them with ... bit better. The new growth leaves that were curled under and droopy are now just deformed a bit - kinda just curled and wrinkled still - but the new growth ...
its farmin time - THCfarmer
... , I have 5 plants, 2 that are yellow. and 3 that are thin wrinkled leaved and stunted , im guessing because of transplanting? between the 5 i have been ...
what does leaves twisting mean?
... of the plant is growing much larger than this one top, which is wrinkled leaves, twisting leaves, and stems. ...
Furrowed leaves
... leaves [Archive] - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums Got what would look like zinc def only theres no interveinal chlorosis. new growth in small, wrinkled, leaves ...
First sativa grow leaves yellow and wrinkled.
First sativa grow leaves yellow and wrinkled. - Forums New strain and Im having problems after putting into flowering. ...
bag seed closet organic grow(white rhino, cali orange. pics will be posted)
... little worried about the wrinkled leaves... anyways here are the pics... tell me what u think... I have some pics here of some plants with wrinkles and some plants ... website.. Well here is and update on the plants... the ones that had wrinkled leaves grew slow and the ones with yellow didn't seem like it did ...
3rd grow, silver haze, 5 females
... Quote: Originally Posted by preluda97 im going to water them sunday before i leave, and my roomate will be here to water them on the 30th... soo ... definately have a mild manganese or zinc deficiency from small brown spots and wrinkled leaves at the top that slighty turn a yellowish green. Maybe placing the fan ...
Brown Spot in Center of Leaf
... problem, i think it might be down to over watering That set of leaves are old and will die off also, and if anyone was really paying ... to over watering It isn't over watering the plant would have serverly wrinkled leaves I didn't think about the watering, but you are right, that could ...

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